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Dear Cyclist,
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09/05/16 - Christian Barchi:
complimenti per tutto amico mio!!!! grandi come sempre
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Dario Drago

We all remember you because you left a deep, indelible sign in our lives.

On the saddle of the bike, always tough in ramping and smiling on the top;
in the professional work, a talented medico rich in human values; with bright eyes, reflecting pride and hope for the future of the little Matilde and Francesco; intimate in lovely conversations, full of intelligence and irony.

We all will miss you deeply.
Quoting Saramago, a writer you enjoyed: "The trip never ends, only travelers end".

In our ongoing trip, your memory will always be with us.
Dario Drago

Francesco Gentili

Francesco Gentili "...for all of us you are simply Francesco: the shy, thoughful and reserved teacher who liked smiling with us, who never oppressed us with our mistakes... We appreciated your unconventional way to teach, walking between our seats in such a way to be in closer contact with us. We appreciated your unusual way to ask for silence, everytime avoiding raising the voice; your gaze was enough to make us more quiet. Soon your annoyance disappeared and melted into uplifting your fingers to curl your hair, a behaviour that made you a sweet and shy boy just a perfect copy of ourselves.
Dear Professor we deeply regret to be obliged to say you good-bye. Nevertheless, this good-bye is not a true good-bye: following your example we always will do our best to be upright and trusty persons.
Therefore, we wish to give you a good-bye that is as youthful as you was: Ciao Professore!"

(Your students at the Belforte secondary school)

Alberto Pennesi

Dear Alberto, for all of us you represented the sportsman par excellence; devoted to practice sport in the most genuine form, with the pleasure of the simplest things of the life and a soul strength that was a your distinctive trait from the dawn to the sunset of your life.

The perseverance and heartening you conveyed us will always be inside us.
Alberto Pennesi spacer