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Dear Cyclist,
you can now subscribe to the GranFondo Terre dei Varano.
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Dear Cyclist,
č disponibile il regolamento ufficiale aggiornato della manifestazione.
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complimenti per tutto amico mio!!!! grandi come sempre
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Dear Cyclist,
partecipa al progetto e riceverai gratuitamente i risultati dell'analisi del tuo DNA.
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The following suggestions can help you in the participation at the GF Terre dei Varano

DELIVERY OF RACE PACKAGE: The bureau of the manifestation is located in Via Pieragostino, very close to the site of race arrival in the town center. On Saturday afternoon, car parking in this area (which will host a bike display starting from 3 p. m. and the kid Granfondina starting from 5 p. m.) will be allowed only for the time necessary to take the race packages. On Sunday, no car parking will be allowed in this area as well as in the surrounding spaces.

CAR PARKS: Three car parking areas, appropriately labeled, have been organized from where one can easily reach the race departure site.

CAR PARK "A", located in Viale Emilio Betti. It is suggested for who comes together with accompanying persons. A mechanized stairway starts from this car park to the town center and the parking is free. In the race package, there will be an electronic card for opening the gate at the exit.

CAR PARK "B", located in the Vallicelle district, is 800 m far from the departure race. It is suggested for who plans to leave Camerino quickly at the race end, it being located close to the connection to the highway #77. It would also be ideal for who arrives in Camerino on Sunday morning and does not need to take the race package from the race bureau.

CAR PARK "D", located in Via Seneca, is 600 m far from the departure race. It is suggested for who plans to have a shower at the race end (only men service is however available).

CAMPER PARKING, Two ad hoc areas have been reserved. One (endowed with all the necessary services) is in Viale Emilio Betti, just adjacent to the Car Park A, while the second one is in Campo Boario underneath Viale Leopardi close to the race departure site.

SAFETY: We did our best to make the manifestation the most safe possible; nevertheless, the collaboration of everybody is absolutely necessary, in particular in respecting every signal and recommendation of the persons committed to the safety control. In addition, the race package will include detailed information on potential dangers on the race roads, together with the phone numbers to call for help. Medical assistance will be available on the tops of the principal slopes and ambulances will follow the runners in both the short and long routes. Mechanical assistance will be provided through still as well as mobile services, and sweeper cars will close the race. It is strongly recommended that everybody is provided with anti-puncture devices and anti-rain cape.

FOOD PARTY AND GUARDED BIKE PARK: Just closed the race, you can immediately refresh at the tables located in Piazzale della Vittoria on the left of the arrival, where there is also a first aid assistance provided by the Camerino Red Cross. Starting from midday, the food party will be available at the tavern of the Terziero di Muralto, located 100 m on the right of the arrival. You can leave your BIKE IN THE GUARDED PARK organized in front of the tavern entrance, taking care of leaving your race numbers on both your bike and jersey.

SHOWERS: Shower services have been arranged in three different areas:
 - for both men and women, in the gymnasium of the building hosting the bureau of the manifestation;
 - only for men, in the car park D in Via Seneca;
 - and for both men and women, in the Sport Palace “Orsini” (adjacent to the university stadium Livio Luzi) in locality Le Calvie, that can be reached by car being 4 km far from the arrival site.

AWARDS: awarding will take place in Piazzale della Vittoria, adjacent to the arrival.
The first three runners of each race and the winner of the timed-climbing to Sassotetto will be awarded 30 min after the arrival of each race.
The first five runners of each category and the societies will be awarded starting from 2,30 p.m..
Gifts will exclusively be given the interested persons, will be available up to 4 p.m., and will not be delivered at home.
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