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you can now subscribe to the GranFondo Terre dei Varano.
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Dear Cyclist,
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complimenti per tutto amico mio!!!! grandi come sempre
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ASD AVIS Frecce Azzurre organizes for Sunday, June 3, 2018, a nonprofessional cyclist competition denominated “GF Terre dei Varano” and dedicated to the memory of Dario Drago, Francesco Gentili and Alberto Pennesi. Departure and arrival will be in Camerino (MC). The manifestation is valid as trial of the “Campionato Italiano di GranFondo ACSI” as well as of the “Marche Marathon”, "Romagna Challenge", and the "Terre & Fossi" combination.

Participation is reserved to nonprofessional riders (i.e. "cicloamatori" and "cicloturisti") of both sexes, with affiliation with ACSI, FCI, or analogous societies valid through 2018.
Foreign participants must exhibit affiliation cards with their national federations valid through 2018.
"Cicloamatori" of more than 19 years and no more than 65 years of age are allowed to participate in any one of the two runs and their names will be officially included in the related ranks.
"Cicloamatori" of less than 19 years are allowed to participate only in the shorter run; nevertheless, they will be classified individually as well as members of a group.
"Cicloturisti" are allowed to participate at both the longer and shorter runs; however, they have to choose the French-style departure and can contribute only at the Society ranking.
All the runners (of either sex) of agonistic categories (i.e., professionals, élite, under 23, and juniors) can participate only if invited by the organizing committee; in any case, they will not be included in the arrival list.
The organizing committee of the GF Terre dei Varano takes the right of accepting, or rebutting (providing the rebuttal reasons) subscriptions to the manifestation.

Participations of persons with doping-related penalizations are not welcome. The organizing committee will not accept applications from persons who: (i) resulted "not negative" at doping tests; (ii) received penalties of more than 6 months, from either ordinary or sportive justice; (iii) are under judgment for doping. These restraints apply to every member of every federation and sportive association.
Cicloamatori" who, yet conscious of the above specified restraints, pay for the subscription at the Gran Fondo Terre dei Varano will be excluded from the competition and will not be refunded. The Organizing Committee takes the right of communicating the exclusion at its earliest convenience.
By subscribing and delivering the subscription form, every participant auto-certifies no sportive, nor civil penalty. The auto-certification holds also for excluding current investigations for doping and declaring no use of substances which are included in the anti-doping list of the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA).
False auto-certifications will be legally prosecuted. In the case of positivity at an anti-doping control carried out at the Terre dei Varano, the runner and her/his sportive society will be charged with a penalty of 20,000 Euro as compensation of the heavy damage caused at the reputation of the manifestation.

Participations of persons with doping-related penalizations are not welcome. In any case, the organizing committee will not accept applications from persons who did result "not negative" at doping tests, or did receive penalties, or are under judgment for doping.

Subscription cost:
  • Euro 25.00 from December 1, 2015, to December 31, 2015
  • Euro 30.00 from January 1, 2016, to April 30, 2016
  • Euro 35,00 on Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 3 to 8 p.m., c/o the building where there will be the distribution of the race-packages. In this case, however, the Organizing Committee cannot guarantee the delivery of the race-package.

No fee for otherwise-able persons.

The extra-faithful runners (i.e., participants at the past six editions) will be allowed to enter their subscription of Euro 25 from December 1, 2014, to April 30, 2015, and will included into an ad-hoc start grid.(show list)
For participants who have chosen the French-style departure, the subscription cost is Euro 20 payable up to May 9, 2015. This choice must be specified in filling up the subscription form. Members of the "Bici Club Italiano" (showing a valid 2015 membership) will be reimbursed for Euro 3 at the time they take the race-package.
Subscriptions on Sunday, May 10, 2015, will not be accepted.

Two-Euro reductions will be applied to every component of groups ranging from 11 to 20 units, and three-Euro reductions will be applied to every component of groups exceeding 21 units. Reductions cannot be accumulated and group subscriptions cannot be fractionated.
The subscription will provide the following benefits: race-package, medical and technical assistance throughout the race, food supply during the race, bike guarded-parking, after-race food party, Krono service from Winning Time, awards (as by regulations), and guided tours to Camerino town for the accompanying persons.

Participants willing to be either ranked in classifications, or acknowledged for “brevetti” (patents) sponsored by partnerships in which the Gran Fondo Terre dei Varano is officially involved, are invited to look at the rules inherent these partnerships. For the "Terre e Fossi Maceratesi" which combines the Gran Fondo Terre dei Varano with the "MTB 9 Fossi", scheduled in Cingoli on April 26, 2015, it is in particular required to be classified in the long run of the 9 Fossi for being subsequently classified in the Gran Fondo Terre dei Varano. This classification at the Gran Fondo Terre dei Varano will be computed by summing the times of either the shorter, or longer run to the time of the long run of the 9 Fossi. The award "Biker" will be reserved to the first three racers of the shorter run; the award "Super Biker" will be reserved to the first three racers of the longer run. Subscriptions for this "Terre e Fossi Maceratesi" combination require filling the ad hoc form, available at the site starting from April 27, 2015, at a cost of Euro 25.

Daily running license
Who is willing to participate at the Gran Fondo Terre dei Varano, yet lacking a running license valid throughout 2015, can obtain a daily license, at a cost of 10 Euro, directly from the organizing committee. This license will be granted only on Saturday, May 9, 2015, from 3 to 8 p.m., and will cover insurance as required by law. To obtain the daily license as "Cicloamatore", it is required an identification document, a medical certification that nothing bars practicing agonistic sports, and the subscription of the ethic declaration. For the daily license as "Cicloturista", it is required an identification document and a medical certification of good health.

In the unlucky case that the manifestation has be suppressed due to causes that are not dependent on the organizing committee, the subscription cost will not be returned.

Race Packages: Race packages will be delivered in the Camerino teaching institute located in Via Pieragostino 4 (close to La Rocca), on Saturday, May 9, 2015 from 3 to 8 p.m., and on Sunday 10, from 6 to 8 a.m.. To take the package, every participant will be required to show an identification document and a valid running license. A written proxy, jointly to an identity card copy must be presented for withdrawing the package of another person.
For cumulative package withdrawing, the person in charge must provide the list of subscriptions on an undersigned society letterhead, jointly with a copy of an identification document.

STARTING PLACE: The race will start, on Sunday, May 10, 2015, from Viale Giacomo Leopardi, and the grids will be opened starting from 8.00 a. m.. Separated starts are planned for the short and long runs. The start of the long run is planned at 9.00 a. m., and it will possible to enter the grids from 8.00 to 8.50. The start of the short run is planned at 9,30 a. m., and it will possible to enter the grids from 9.10 to 9.25.
The choice for the short or the long run must be communicated by marking the appropriate site on the subscription form; otherwise, the choice will be legitimated by the time of entrance into the departure grids. Upon overcoming the starting line, it will no longer be possible to change the run: who starts at 9.00 will definitively be assigned to the long run, and who starts at 9,30 will definitively be assigned to the short run.

"Griglia di Merito" is reserved to: otherwise-able persons, guests/invited persons, ACSI merit list (women/men), the first five male runners and the first three female runners in the 2014 Marche Marathon ranking list, charity subscribers, the first three runners in the arrival lists of the short and long runs of the 2014 GF Terre dei Varano.
First grid: Subscribers of run-package + hotel; extra-faithful subscribers; Tesserati 1° serie.
Second grid: "Circuiti" subscribers.
Third grid: All the other participants (in chronological order of subscription).
Departure from a grid other than the assigned one is cause of exclusion from the arrival list.
The first km’s will be run under regimen of controlled speed.

This start is scheduled from 7 to 7.45 a.m. for both the long and short runs. The race time will be taken on passing the Winning-time carpet placed at the grid entrance.
As for any other runner, also who starts according to the French-style must carry the electronic chip and the race number. In addition, the French-style starting runners are strongly recommended to pay maximal attention to road crosses that might not yet be under vigilance, as well as to avoid any potential conditioning of the other not-French-style starting runners.
At the race end, the French-style starting runners will be arranged in alphabetic order in a list reporting the running time of each one and, granted that they terminate the run within 4 p. m., their participation will be valid for the classification of every partnership. Some gifts will be allotted for this special category of runners.

Runs: The long run is 135 km with a slope of 2,700 m; the short run is 84 km with a slope of 1,200 m.

Categories: Runners will be subdivided among the following classic categories: Junior, from 19 to 32 years of age; Seniors, from 33 to 39; Veterans, from 40 to 47; Gentlemen, from 48 to 55; Super Gentlemen A, from 56 to 62; Super Gentlemen B, over 63; Women 1 from 19 to 43; Women 2 from 44 to 75.
"Cicloturisti" will be distinguished with appropriate numbers, but there will be no notification of their running times. Nevertheless, they will contribute at the classifications for the societies and will participate with all the others at the sorting of gifts that will eventually be withdrawn together with the run package.

Points, Classifications and Awards:  Points and classifications will be assigned according to the ACSI rules.
Awarding will take place in the arrival area. Awards will be assigned to the first three runners of each run, to the first five runners of every category of both runs, and to the first ten societies with the higher numbers of effective participants.
The 10 km’s of the slope from Sarnano to the pass of Santa Maria Maddalena will be timed and the winner will receive the Dario Drago Trophy.
The winner of the long run will receive the Francesco Gentili Trophy, while the winner of the short run will receive the Alberto Pennesi Trophy.

Race controls: Controls will be done, under the responsibility of Krono Service, at the starting, arrival, and in unpredicted sites of both the runs.
Missing a control causes exclusion from every classification.
The race numbers must be well exposed on the handle-bar and the back of the jersey.
Maximum Time: Maximum time for the long run is 8 hours, and 5 hours for the short run.
Restoration: Four areas of restoration will be available along the long run and one along the short run. No "flying" service will be provided.
At the arrival, the "pasta-party" will be served inside the splendid medieval tavern of "Muralto Terziero" located in "Umberto Primo" square.
Mechanical and Medical assistances: These assistances will be provided along both the runs as well as at the arrival by specialized persons.
Showers: Showers for men and women will be available in the arrival area, the Parking D, and the University Sport Center located at "Le Calvie".

Assistance Vehicles: The organizing committee will not provide any special permission for driving vehicles committed to assist runners. Therefore, the circulation of vehicles in the space between the two cars carrying the labels "Inizio Gara" and "Fine Gara" will be prohibited. The vehicles of the organization will be marked with ad-hoc official labels.
Helmet: It is mandatory the use of the helmet throughout the run.

Road code: The GF Terre dei Varano is a nonprofessional race that will take place on roads opened for the traffic.Therefore, all the runners must keep the road right side and be respectful of the road code as established by the ACSI rules.
The organization declines every responsibility before, during and after the manifestation.

Important Remark: By subscribing every participant declares to know the above regulation and takes the commitment to behave correctly with all the other participants and to be fully respectful of the areas that will be crossed.

The timing service will be provided by Krono Service, the official distributor of the badge Winning Time. Each runner must bring its own Winning Time Chip for being classified, and can use the "Personal Winning Time Chip" duly validated for the current season, or the Daily Chip valid only for one race. All other chips will not be working.

Chip Winning Time

Validation of the "Personal Winning Time Chip" must be done on site www.winningtime.it, or at the Chip Point available at the race. The "Personal Winning Time Chips" purchased in 2011 are validate for Cycling and Mountain Bike up to December 31, 2012.

Runners who do not yet possess their "Yellow Personal Winning Time Chip" can buy it directly from the Chip Point present at the race, at the price of 15 Euro. It will be immediately active and valid throughout 2018. The Chip must be mounted on the plastic mounting bracket between the wheel and the fork of the bicycle, or be worn to the ankle through the Velcro strap ad hoc provided.
Runners can also rent a Daily Chip valid only for a single run, with a deposit of 10 Euro and the restitution of 5 Euros upon returning the chip.
The rented chip must be placed on the ankle using the special Velcro strap. The restitution of the chip will be organized in the area of the race arrival, starting 30 minutes after the arrival of the first runner of the longer run up to 30 minutes after the arrival of the last runner.

ASD AVIS FRECCE AZZURRE declines any responsibility towards any event might happen to participants, third parties and things, before, during, and after the competition.

Although they are not mentioned in this document, the ACSI terms and conditions are valid through the competion. For what it concerns Campionato Italiano GranFondo ACSI and other circuits we suggest the participants to look at the appropriate sites.

So as to improve the event the organizing staff might vary some parts of these terms and conditions, and, in so doing, will inform the patrticipants immediately through the pages of this Web site.